Today is “Abandon Digg Day”

So today, Monday the August 30th, is “Abandon Digg Day“…. a sentiment repeated throughout the comment section of Digg. As it stands at 4:30 in the morning, on the Monday of Abandon Digg Day, this is what the front page looks like.
Can you believe a story with 12 votes is on the front page of Digg? I can’t either.
Notice Mr.Babyman’s plea is the most dugg story, and it has a respectable number of a couple thousand. (Anything on the front page should have at least a couple hundred votes!)
As you can see from the Kevin Rose = Hitler image above, created by a digg user, they mean business.
Brandon Davenport wrote a blurb about ‘Abandon Digg Day’ over on T3ch H3lp, and has a screen shot of his own, with even more pitiful numbers (4 diggs on the front page!). Mr. Davenport likes the new digg somehow, hopefully for reasons not related to brain damage.  Maybe he is trolling…. being contrary for hits.
The thumbs up have returned, but this Downfall parody is still pertinent:
this new link should work:

Hitler hates the new Digg V4 from Brandon Davenport on Vimeo.

(and in other news, I have been acclimating myself to reddit. It’s…. interesting.)

6 Comments on “Today is “Abandon Digg Day””

  1. spudart says:

    Does reddit allow you to friend other users? Wow. I’ve only been signed onto Reddit for three years and I don’t even know the answer to this question.

  2. Hmm, my answer is “no”…. as reddit is just about sharing news and fun links. It’s not into that whole “social networking” thing, thank goodness.

  3. spudart says:

    I kinda like the whole social networking thing. If you are sharing news and fun links, with whome do you share them with? Isn’t that social networking?

    I clicked on another user’s profile in reddit and saw you can add other people as friends on reddit (wow, i sound like a newb). But I guess they don’t have a feature where you can search your address book or twitter account to see who is on reddit.

    • Hey thanks! I did not figure that out yet….. Yeah, in the past I’ve just been a lurker on reddit… and only because I play on their TF2 server and feel like if I use their server I should use their website… LOL

      Made my first comment yesterday on reddit. Too afraid to check how it did yet. The material on the front page is very different than what I am used to.

      I feel like I already have facebook and twitter, so when I read news, I just want to read news. I don’t care what my friends are reading on digg (or reddit), and if I want to share a news item with my friends, I will post it on facebook or twitter (and read what my friends are sharing there). I don’t want my social news aggregator site to become a facebook, because then what is the point of ever going to the social news aggregator site in the first place?

  4. spudart says:

    Oh, I couldn’t watch the embedded video, cuz Youtube took it down. :-\ womp womp waaah.

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