CTA ban on 'mature' video game ads unconstitutional

CTA LaSalle 'L' Station

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Back in 2008, the CTA banned GTA4 ads following a local Fox News report that predictably cast  video games as the scapegoat for the increase in violent school shootings. It took two years for the ban to be deemed unconstitutional.

Citing the First Amendment, the Entertainment Software Association, which represents software and video game publishers, sued the CTA in July 2009 challenging the agency’s prohibition of certain video game ads.

In her mid-May decision, U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer said the CTA cannot enforce its gaming ordinance. The CTA also agreed not to appeal the ruling.

via ChicagoNOW, Judge: CTA can’t ban ads for games rated ‘mature

You’d think with the CTA’s budget deficit of more than $200 million, they wouldn’t complain about advertising that doesn’t feature blood or naked ladies.  Ars Technica makes a most excellent point (the point I planned on making) regarding this attempted ban and other forms of entertainment not meant for children:

Given that advertisements for R-rated movies frequently make their way onto the side of CTA vehicles and facilities, it seems that the somewhat controversial proposal that games make people more prone to violence is becoming accepted within the political sphere.

via Ars Technica, CTA bans violent game ads following GTA IV debacle

Parents shouldn’t take their children to R-rated movies, and they shouldn’t buy their children “mature” games.  A developer for Rockstar Games, Lazlow Jones (Lazlow is a Hungarian name that should be spelled Laszlo?) was recently asked to comment on the notion that violent video games cause violence in youth. Mr. Jones’ response?

Our games are not designed for young people. If you’re a parent and buy one of our games for your child you’re a terrible parent. We design games for adults because we’re adults.

via BBC’s Red Dead Redemption hoping for ’emotional response’


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