Why can't console and PC gamers get along?

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There is a popular image up on reddit as I type this, discussing the perceived snobbery PC gamers have towards console gamers. You can find the pros and cons for each gaming system in the comments, and the conversation has been enlightening.

What I believe to be the  biggest reason for all the animosity is the age difference, though no “redditer” has explicitly mentioned this. Console gamers are younger, and more prone to freaking out if they hear a female gamer or a male that sounds gay.  Console gamers are also more likely to shout profanities, behave like bigots or put up porn as their sprays, because, they are after all only 14. Why would someone in their 20’s want to subject themselves to such foolish behavior? My experience with Xbox Live has been brief, and to all the girls that do speak into their mics, I commend you, and don’t know how you do it with out a voice changer.

Reddit user beatnik11 touched on my point:

There is no denying that there are idiots and assholes who are PC gamers, but on a whole its far far far worse on console games. Really, just step into xbox live and play some MW or Halo and before you blink you are going to start hearing little kids act out the worst 4chan has to offer, but instead of being just normal people who are trolling for fun, these kids really are a cancer and are not mature enough to understand the value of respect.

I think being a PC gamer and knowing how to connect more than 4 wires and understanding what is in your machine tends to lead those who are older and more mature and these sorts of people are much more enjoyable to play with. I can go on TF2 [Team Fortress 2] all day long and never have to experience some 14 year old who thinks they are edgy and cool being a racist misogynistic bigot, got on MW2 [Modern Warfare 2] however and its a different story.

Games have been around since the 80’s, so is it really that surprising that the “aging” gaming population spends more time on their PCs? “Grown-ups” already have a computer, so why shell out additional money for a console when you don’t have to?  Every time I got a console, I got it as a gift, and I assume many Xbox Live or PS3 boys and girls also received their systems as gifts.

So, when did it become a crime to play with my age group? 

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  2. jcalton says:

    For what it’s worth, all the Wii owners I know are women.

    • Fruzsina Eordogh says:

      Yes, and the “hardcore” gaming community will tell you the Wii doesn’t count.

      (I too own a Wii..)

  3. boyfromthebuck says:

    I know where you are coming from. I will admit, I had a World of Warcraft lapse for about 3 years when it was the only game I played. My friends would always call me such a dumb ass for paying the monthly fee, even though they spent double the money I did yearly buying so many console games. Is it weird that I enjoy being able to have a private option for communication with my friends while I game? Don’t get me wrong, I grew up playing Zelda on N64 an Socom II on PS2, and that is where my best gaming memories still lie, but If I currently enjoy PC more, why am I such a nerd / loser for it?

    • Fruzsina Eordogh says:

      I too grew up on console games, and I too naturally migrated over to PC. And, no, it is not weird to have a private chat option! It makes sense… you play your game, to hang out with your friends…

      Maybe your friends were making fun of your WoW addiction, because they never got “suckered” into it… my gaming friends made fun of me for that reason too. But hey, until you play an MMO RPG, you won’t understand.

      As for you being a nerd/loser? I think you have to remember who is calling the PC gamers nerds and losers, and I have a feeling it is mostly 14 year old console players…

      If you keep that in mind, why should you, as a grown-up, care what some adolescent thinks of your favorite pastime? They’re probably still virgins any way! 😀

      • boyfromthebuck says:

        I can say I am far more social than most of them, and logged less hours of playing time. I guess since I was hooked onto Blizzard games from Starcraft when I was 8 years old, I was a little more ok with trying WoW. Something about WoW that gets a bad rep I guess. One thing I will say about WoW, my best friend quit smoking, but still hasn’t quit WoW :p

  4. “Grown-ups” already have a computer, so why shell out additional money for a console when you don’t have to?

    Well, I’m an adult, with a computer, and I did have to, because when game releases did come out for PC – frequently months or even a year behind their console releases – they frequently had such steep hardware requirements that I was dropping hundreds every six months trying to keep my PC game-playable.

    So, two years ago I got an Xbox 360, for all of $250, and it plays games like Mass Effect 1 and 2 better than any PC I’ve ever owned. Mass Effect on the PC was a frustrating, buggy experience. On the Xbox, in widescreen HD and 5.1, it was incredible.

    Like most “hardware wars”, I’m neutral Switzerland. The consoles have their own disadvantages, and some games I love (like World of Warcraft) will never be available on them. The console community is a substantial disadvantage.

    But unfortunately, being a PC gamer means paying absurd premiums for hardware to enjoy year-old games. The value proposition for PC gaming just isn’t there, not if you want to experience the games everyone is talking about while they’re still talking about them.

    • Fruzsina Eordogh says:

      Good point, Justin.

      I go to newegg.com if I need new hardware… and I haven’t done that in years. Well, that is a lie, I just got a new video card for $100 bucks because Crysis was being buggy and I thought that would fix it. But this video card replacement was a long time coming (had for 2+ years).

      Try the PC again, upgrading hardware nowadays is pretty cheap?

      • Not for me, it’s not; I decided to get off the PC treadmill, largely, with something that can run WoW at top settings that I probably won’t upgrade. So I picked up an ASUS gamer’s laptop for about a grand; it’s a lot of hardware for the money and I’ve been really happy with everything but the battery life (but that’s to be expected.)

        Maybe I just wasn’t a good builder, but the upgrades that I thought would solve my performance issues never seemed to. My motherboard would be rated for a certain processor but wouldn’t really support it (an ASUS mobo advertising Pentium D “support”, in fact, supported only one of its cores.) The memory I got wouldn’t perform at its listed timings without a certain kind of northbridge. The video card would be buggy unless you downclocked it so it didn’t run so hot. I just never got what I thought I was paying for.

        I’m glad to be done with it. I know a lot of those problems were my own fault, my own insufficient research. I don’t seem to have to worry about that stuff with my Xbox. I’ve never even red-ringed (knock on wood.)

  5. Paul Tassi says:

    Console games are more accessible I think, which most PC gamers view as a bad thing. But if I tried to jump into WoW or EVE online or even TF2, I’d be lost amidst a community that has been there for eons, and will wipe the floor with me consistently until I quit.

  6. captaingrumpy says:

    I am very old! 61. I love PC games but all the new space monster wars thing is crazy.You have to know the full story to know who to shoot. I like ww2 games because you can start whenever and finish whenever with no loss of where the game is.I wish I knew where all the old ww2 games are,I missed so many and dont know where to get them.
    My grandkids play wii and love it,also PS3 and Xbox but they dont like PC.They think its for oldies like me.

    • Fruzsina Eordogh says:

      Captain Grumpy,

      may I recommend Combat Mission Beyond Overlord? Runs easy on a old computer, and is turn based so you can take your time ordering your squads into buildings, crawling through brush, etc.


      (Combat Mission games all take place in WWII. Beyond Overload is the Western front, but there is also Africa and Barbarossa to Berlin)

      Combat Mission is a company level tactical game, and you can control units down to the squad level.

      It is very realistic: soldiers will route, or die from shrapnel ricocheting off a nearby friendly tank.

      So command wisely!

  7. dreamhunk says:

    pc gamers talking to consoles is like and advanced civilization talking to barbarians, even better yet cave men.

    Console gamers like to think they are hardcore but they are not. frankly pc gamers have a lot more games than console gamers do. proof found here.


    it’s fact pc gamers are a lot more advanced than console gamers. think of pc gamer like the borg and the the online internet like the hive mind

    pc gamers are so advanced we can now play pc games with our minds.

    It’s also fact pc games are more creative and more advanced than consoles.There are genres such rts,rtt space sims,flight sims don’t do well on consoles.

    then you have the fact the gaming industry media likes to lie about pc gaming and pc gamers.

    Sony and Microsoft have so much money on consoles that they are trying their best to try and force pc gamers into buying consoles.


    proof found here


    and here


    • Fruzsina Eordogh says:

      Thanks for your comment, dreamhunk!

      Based off the evidence you linked to, it seems like there is a conspiracy to keep PC gamers down, no?

    • Great, another PC gamer with his nose in the air. PC gaming is a hobby, you have to spend enormous ammounts of time and money perfecting your setup, so PC gamers are proud of their accomplishments, and get really annoying when they start yammering on about their supposed superiority.

      It’s like the difference between restoring a 69 Mustang and taking it for a drive, and buying a 2010 Mustang off the lot. The classic car enthusiast will rightfully be proud of his hobby, but that doesn’t really mean that the 69 ‘Stang provides a superior driving experience to the newer, cheaper, less-maintenance-intensive car.

      And it definitely doesn’t mean the classic-car hobbyist is somehow a better human being than the guy who just wants to drive a cool car with no fussing around.

      Everyone is entitled to their hobbies, just try to be a little less obnoxious about it, please.

  8. I’m a 33 year old gamer. I was strictly a PC gamer for many years. But I mostly stick with consoles these days because when gaming, I am sitting down to RELAX and PLAY, not to fiddle with settings, sit through rediculous installations and constantly upgrade hardware.

    Even though upgrading is much cheaper nowadays, I still was able to afford an Xbox360 and a projector for far less than the expense of upgrading my PC the 3-4 times that would have been neccessary over the last 5 years.

    And no matter what the PC hardware setup, I find sitting in an easy chair looking at an 80″ screen to be a far better gaming experience than hunching over a keyboard staring at a 21″ monitor.

    Besides, 14 year olds are easily muted, or better yet, scarred for life.

    Be honest all of you, the worst thing about shit-talking youngsters is getting schooled by them. The real issue with teenage gamers is that they grew up playing high-tech first-person shooters, they don’t have jobs, and can therefore spend many hours every day polishing their gaming, making them a challenge to really dominate. There is nothing annoying at all about obnoxious teens if you are good enough to be their own personal grim-reaper!

  9. captaingrumpy says:

    Thankyou for your suggestions,I am into first person shooter.Iprefer that to strategy because its supposed to improve brain activity and especially response times,which are important as you age. Once again..Thankyou.

  10. thatguy says:

    Most of the complaints regarding consoles here can be rectified by judicius utilization of the mute option (for the bigoted and 14 year olds) and the party chat mode (for private conversations with friends). It’s not that hard, folks! One would think that being able to handle the complexities of PC gaming would enable them to navigate the UI of a console.

    Anyhow, I’m 35 and have always been a devout console gamer (current XB360 and Wii) as are most of my contemporaries. No aspirations here for hardcore status. Until I got my netbook, I almost always used my work provided laptop for PC needs so PC gaming was never an option (IT).

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