Lady Gaga is a nerd?

I know, I shouldn’t be jumping on the Gaga-“Telephone” video-page view-bandwagon, but I promise to stick to my focus: the poison diner scene, because it references geek culture and video games.

The most obvious thing to note would be that Lady Gaga is a nerd, or attempting to be one…. or her creative director is …. or Lady Gaga herself feels that it is important for the nerds to love her too by throwing in obscure references only they would get. The poison that Lady Gaga super-popstar-feminist concocts in the kitchen includes the following ingredients: Fex-M3 from Star Wars, Meta-Cyanide from Dune and Tiberium from Command and Conquer.

poison picture

Can I imagine Lady Gaga reading science fiction and playing Command and Conquer late at night? Maybe. I mean, she was pretty wacky when she was a brunette so I can’t come out and call her a “poser nerd”. Most likely though, her creative director googled “List of fictional toxins”, since they cannot use real toxins  for fear people would actually poison others, and this is the list that showed up.  All of those toxins mentioned in Gaga’s video are on that list….

Moving into “feminist” territory:

By Lady Gaga using poison to commit mass murder, she is engaging in a stereotypical feminine form of murder. Women traditionally controlled the food, and you’d be surprised how many men have died throughout history by the hands of women using poison, and it was never noted or observed because men felt it was beneath them to go into the kitchen?  There is a saying among the Hungarians that the bride Ildiko killed Attila the Hun on their wedding night by poisoning him.  A nosebleed? Come on…. but it’s cute how the men back then thought the women were content enough and incapable of committing such nefarious acts.

So it makes sense in Lady Gaga’s music video homage to Quintin Tarantino that she uses poison instead of blood shedding phallic weapons (NSFW link).  Why would Gaga, with her creative director, decide to use fictional poisons from science fiction and games popular with the males? The use of poison in a setting that asks for guns is too symbolic to ignore. But Commander and Conquer, Star Wars, and Dune don’t seem to be poisoning society like the bad man-made porn, hyper-sexualized advertising, and reality TV shows are… so why were these poisons used, instead of others on that list?   Or maybe I am reading too far into this, and these toxic references are all just for some male geek love.

6 Comments on “Lady Gaga is a nerd?”

  1. jeremywinter says:

    My disclaimer first: I’m not trying to be a hater, I enjoy your writings here on T/S Fruzsina and I think Lady Gaga and Beyonce are both very talented artist… But, unfortunately I have to disagree with this statement

    “Perhaps their songs could be more deep? Maybe, but then the majority of Americans wouldn’t get the song, like the music, and give them money.”

    Your statement is statistically wrong, but is the normal approach to music production nowadays. It’s common thought that artist don’t write intelligent music anymore because people want simple subjects that are easily understood and appeal to the mass market.

    I’m basing my counter argument on the fact that Tool’s “Lateralus” sold over twice as many albums, in the first week, as Lady Gaga’s “The Fame Monster” (550,000 vs 250,000). It’s clear now also that The Fame Monster will never reach the level of success as Lateralus.

    The fact of the matter is that Lateralus is not a simple minded album and has more depth then 99% of the albums on iTunes, yet it’s success is undeniable. I find more worth in a album when I can learn about it and myself while listening to it. I failed to learn anything from “Telephone”, besides the fact that, Gaga doesn’t always like her phone.

    I did love the video and the art direction in “Telephone”, but without thought-provoking lyrics it misses a huge demographic that wants to learn something, not just experience something.

    Sorry for the rant, love your writings on here and I look forward to more!

    • Fruzsina Eordogh says:

      You are right, statistically, when you mention the greater number of albums Tool has sold compared to Gaga (does that include itune sales?).

      You mention the album Lateralus. I know I have heard Tool songs before, in the past, by friends, but I cannot for the life of me name a song title of theirs, or think of a movie/commercial/instance where Tool was used to move money. I don’t even know what the band looks like. Lady Gaga is a visible presence in print and on the web, and I can name more than 3 songs off the top of my head. (And I am one of those weird people that find my music through Pandora, I listen to the radio, and I don’t have an ipod)

      I thought Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” song was about how clingy and insecure men can be with their female mates… ; )

      I didn’t think the Telephone video had much artistic merit…and I agree with you that the video missed out on a wider demographic. “Thriller” is still superior.

    • everynowandthen says:

      It should be noted that Lateralus was released in 2001 when lots of physical albums were still being sold. It was also capping the whole Korn, Limp Bizkit, System of a Down, [insert “nu metal” band here] era. It was deep compared to that stuff, but it wasn’t really anything genuinely ground breaking, just a lot of smart, obscure influences put it in a rock band context.

      • jeremywinter says:

        It should also be noted that in 2006, two years before Gaga’s “the fame”, Tool’s 10,000 days also sold 550,000 copies in the US in it’s opening week.

        But now we are just splitting hairs, both “the fame” and “10,000 days” are triple platinum albums, both selling over 3 million copies world wide.

        My point is, artist do not have to produce a dumb-down album to be successful. It can be intelligible and successful. If the artist chooses to write unintelligible music that is fine, their is a market for that.

        Here is a comparison of the lyrics from “Telephone” and a song called “Schism”. Note both songs are basically about communication.

        Tool’s song Schism
        “I know the pieces fit cuz I watched them fall away
        Mildewed and smoldering. Fundamental differing.
        Pure intention juxtaposed will set two lovers souls in motion
        Disintegrating as it goes testing our communication
        The light that fueled our fire then has burned a hole between us so
        We cannot see to reach an end crippling our communication.”

        Gaga’s Telephone
        “Just a second,
        It’s my favorite song they’re gonna play
        And I cannot text you with
        A drink in my hand, eh?
        You shoulda made some plans with me,
        You knew that I was free.
        And now you won’t stop calling me;
        I’m kinda busy. “

  2. stushea says:

    I have never heard Tool nor Lady Gaga, at least knowingly. What I do know is that it’s always convenient to play the ‘nerd’ card. Every great-looking actor/musician/whatever loves to dumb down and claim ‘nerd cool’ when it suits them. I’m sure this Lady Gaga character has some very bright young folks working to prop up whatever she’s doing, whether it’s trying to look like some mix of Marilyn Monroe and Madonna one week or Phyllis Diller the next. It’s all planned, it’s all way too cynical, and in a year, you won’t even remember shitting it out.

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