Women's History Month is insulting

Suffragettes - Labor Day 1913 (LOC)

"Omg, can we vote already? Or wear pants yet? It's now the 20th century!" Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr

I was browsing through a list of free lectures in Chicago when it hit me that I was doing so during “Women’s History Month“,  …..and I subsequently became enraged. Why do women have their own history month? Why do women need their own history month? I know what women’s impact on our society has been, thank you very much. Men’s inability to resist our naked bodies has been made very clear in the Christian “apple” parable. Who do you think is responsible for the creation of the 7 day week, and the 4 week month, eh?

The fact that women need their own history month is incredibly insulting….   we are the majority sex on the planet, but we are still treated like a minority. Every time a female becomes the first of her gender to occupy a position of authority, it is  noted in the history books.  Really, gentlemen? Are you that pathetic that it has taken thousands of years for you to share your power? Are you that greedy, and blind to all the problems of modern society? Stop making us women feel bad…. a history month feels like you’re pissing on our legs and telling us it is raining.

That rant aside, I was very pleased to see that no library or cultural center in Chicago is treating Women’s History Month with any extra pomp or circumstance by having more “feminist” lectures than usual.  Caffeine Theatre will be performing plays by Emily Dickinson at the Newberry Library at the end of the month,  and the Assistant Egyptian Minister for Foreign Affairs will give a talk on the role of women in Egyptian history next week at the Chicago Cultural Center.


3 Comments on “Women's History Month is insulting”

  1. Caitlin Kelly says:

    What she said.

    Rant on, sister!

  2. […] with Fruzsina on this one, my fellow T/S contributor. Women’s history month is deeply insulting to every woman who knows what we do all day, every […]

  3. lizskoski says:

    I’m a little confused over why people get so flustered over the months of recognition for the successes and achievements of individual groups. In a completely idealistic world every day would be Womens/African Americans/Asian American/Latino American/West Coast/East Coast/Poetry recognition day. But it’s not. So why not set aside a specific time for celebration? No one is saying that for the other eleven months we ignore Women’s History. The month itself is simply another time to reflect on the strides and contributions that women have made. Further more, as you say yourself, the month has moved away from standing under the WOMEN’S PRIDE banner and towards the simple acknowledgment of the varied gifts women have given us from plays to art to history. Instead of standing on the podium and preaching “sameness, sameness, sameness”, the majority of feminists today choose to recognize and celebrate the differences of men and women. The need for women to dress and act “like men” to be taken seriously is gone, so why not have a month that understands the inequality and frustrations that women have overcome and are still overcoming? Personally, I see no problem with having a month set aside to do just that, for every group in our nation’s past that has struggled and succeeded.

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