PlayStation FAILS by not making reality show accessible off its console

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A new  video game reality TV show premiered yesterday, called “The Tester“.  PlayStation is looking for a video game tester, and 11 contestants are competing for this very esteemed position.  I was excited to watch “The Tester” for a couple of reasons:

  • Hal Sparks is a  judge on the show. I didn’t know he was a gamer (or a comedian?), but I was very excited to see him in action and see how well he aged since Queer As Folk. (I will admit it… I watched that show to see hot men get naked and have sex.) (HYPERLINK IS NSFW)
  • There are 4 females among the 11 contestants, and so naturally I want to watch the show to root for them. Women make up 45% of the gaming population (55% if you count social gamers) so it would be nice if the number of female contestants on the show reflected that percentage, but 36% is close enough. (As far as female judges go, there is only one out of a total of nine.)
  • The shows format looks eerily similar to the last video game reality show “WCG Ultimate Gamer“, and that format was surprisingly fun. Contestants had to drive like a race car driver, dance on a stage in public, go through obstacle courses and do various tasks  (that they wouldn’t normally do) besides play video games.
  • It’s a reality show, for fraks sake! Everyone is going to be hamming it up for the camera. The males will start feuds or alliances and the females will shed tears, and because both sexes are living under a roof you know some romantic connections will be forced by the show’s writers.
  • Ciji Thornton aka starslay3r aka “Star”.  Ciji was also on the last video game reality show “WCG Ultimate Gamer” and she was a riot. When I say riot, I mean she caused so much drama in the house (from Day One!!!) that it made the show move from “unbearable to watch” to “like a train wreck you cannot stop watching”. Ciji started romantic drama, claimed to throw a match, cried whenever the producers asked her to, was disliked by everyone in the house, and eventually got sent home by the guy she “kissed” who had a girlfriend in RL.

So here I am, all pumped to watch this show, and I even had some drinking games in mind! Except, I cannot watch “The Tester” as there is no copy of the show online anywhere… nothing on Hulu, and I can’t torrent it because the geniuses at PlayStation Network  thought it would be a good idea  if you could only watch this show if you owned a PS3 or a PSP. Now I suspect this is a PR move on PlayStation’s part because no one plays the PlayStation 3 any more, but if they really wanted to advertise their product, shouldn’t they make their (advertisement) reality show accessible to all? Who is going to pay money to watch this?  PlayStation is no where near popular enough to create a TV show solely for it’s console. Sorry.

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