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Yes, I will still sometimes write about public art and protesters, but my focus will be on video games from a female perspective. This switch should have happened last week, and it took Paul Tassi’s newest post “Why My Life Filled with Video Games is Not A Waste” to get me thinking seriously about this endeavor. Let me first introduce myself:

I am mostly a PC gamer, and my first favorite game was Heroes of Might & Magic II: the Price of Loyalty, though this was not my first video game- that would have to be Super Mario Bros for the NES, and subsequent versions thereafter. I was instantly fascinated by video games, for  obvious reasons. I would purposely hang out with a little boy who was 2 years younger than me, just so I could play his Nintendo. I didn’t care about the social stigma of an 8 year old girl playing with a six year old boy; not when video games were involved. In my preteen years I recieved a Playstation, but at this point I was also going over to friends houses to play their video games and going to arcades. I fell in love with the Time Crisis, Tekken, Soul Caliber and the Resident Evil series, and Dance Dance Revolution quickly became a favorite.

This lady is electric!

CoH: this lady is electric!

In college, I encountered my first MMO RPG (mass multiplayer online role playing game). No, it was not World of Warcraft. It was City of Heroes. I admit it, I developed Brian Schmoyer Syndrome. I would stay up until 4am doing Task Forces (a series of missions that can take up to 8 hours), and skip class to level up my hero(es). I was also working full time, but somehow was responsible enough to not miss work? I became an anti-social moron, and could only relax and be myself when I was engaged in a world that didn’t exist.  I knew that I was depressed and running away from my problems by escaping to an alternate reality, but it took until my hard drive crashed a year later (while I was taking a semester off, might I add),  to really put things into perspective. In hindsight, if I had played more console games in college, being as they are more social, I have a feeling my leveling addiction wouldn’t have spiraled out of control.  I now try to avoid any sort of game that has no ending, which is why I love the KOTOR and Neverwinter Nights series (Fallout 3 also deserves a mention). I cannot trust myself with an MMO RPG, not yet.

I also love strategy games, so for those of you who are casual gamers (and older) and don’t want to invest in a console, I recommend the Total War series.  Rome Total War is my favorite, and not just because I love using siege weapons and archers. Trade routes and family lineage is important, and there is nothing more satisfying than taking over Europe. Be warned, the Total War games are complicated and you should pay attention to the tutorial to avoid missing small but necessary details.  Needless to say,  you will learn a lot of history!

I am currently “addicted” to Team Fortress 2, a multi-player first person shooter, and I will blog about my experiences soon. Yes, I know TF2 is an old game, but it is a unique shooter. Stay tuned for more….

5 Comments on “Fruzs is going gaming”

  1. Well done for coming out as a gamer, especially as a girl gamer. Look forward to reading your gaming stuff!

  2. labfly says:

    🙂 Great to have a “girl gamer” pov! and i completely understand the addiction to mmorpg’s. although my first game addiction of choice lands w/ARGs, i’ve been playing around w/the idea of creating episodic mmog so players could check in like one eve a night > play it out and not have they’re life revolve around the world.

  3. jazzland says:

    Hello Fruzs! I found you by accident while checking my email on AOL (your wallet pop article was on the AOL news feed). Anyway I am another of those “MMO slaves” and this post, as well as the ones you linked, really hit home for me. Though I have made all kinds of friends all over the world playing MMOs, I feel like the time could have been much better spent. I havent made a commitment to quit just yet, but I am close. I think I might take your advice and try to find some games that are easier to play casually.

    One of the reasons MMOs are so huge, is that they can provide hours upon hours of entertainment for a very low cost. For someone like myself who does not have a very high income the fun/dollar ratio is incredible. You can play an MMO for 30 hours per week for 10 years at the cost of 1 weekend trip to Vegas. I am not defending the games, but as far as cheap entertainment goes, they are high on the list.

    In my case MMOs became so addictive that I was constantly putting other things aside just to play them. It wasnt about having fun or social networking as much as it was about getting status or obtaining gear in the game. I started gaming early with console games such as Zelda and Mario, but I was never truly addicted until I played online games. Now at 24 years of age I can honestly say that I have passed up alot of opportunities in real life over the last few years, and I am really dissappointed in myself for falling into such a rut. I let my interest in gaming push other interests aside, and despite the small interventions of my real life friends and family, never realized how much the games hurt me. The biggest casualty was my long time passion for music. I still love music very much, but I barely even play anymore. When I do I get very frustrated because I feel like I have to relearn everything, and I dont have the patience. Anyway, sorry for using your page as a venting station. If you would like me to hide/delete this I will certainly do that. Its just nice to let it all out to someone who I think might understand 😛


    BTW I am new to this site, and I dont know exactly how everything works just yet… I would like to hear from you though. If you cant message me here my email is Jazzland at hotmail. If you arent comfortable with that then I totally understand. Anyway great writing. You are very talented, and I am sure you will go far! <|:u)

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