Local Chicagoan wants to dance on your enemy's grave for money

So I came across this gem today: a craigslist ad offering their dancing expertise, be it an Irish jig or some theatrical production complete with costumes, to smite your enemies by dancing on their grave. Each dance comes with a photo to prove that your money is being well spent. The poster offers different prices under the $50 range, with options including video footage if you so desire.

This service is available for those of you who have been wronged by the dead and need to (sic)  some sort of satisfaction in knowing that they are getting what they deserve.

via craigslist Grave Dancer for Hire

The craigslist user draws the line at doing lewd acts or desecrating the grave. This poster also claims to know people all over the US who would be willing to do this.  I think this person might be taking the expression “dancing on someone’s grave” literally, and for those who would believe in that sort of thing, wouldn’t you want to dance on your enemy’s grave yourself?

This post has inspired me to come up with a bunch of small business ideas, most of which include a “chopper” and stealing ice cream from your enemy’s  children.

[youtubevid id=”AO1KsU1rG7s”]


3 Comments on “Local Chicagoan wants to dance on your enemy's grave for money”

  1. Caitlin Kelly says:

    I kind of like it, actually. Course, what do you do if it’s an urn full of ashes?

  2. blkmrkt says:

    I am the “grave dancer” and I just wanted make a comment. Since my ad posting I have been inundated with requests to do interviews, out of respect to my clients I will not but i do wish to set the record straight about my work. The purpose of my service is to help people, whatever their reason. Some clients may live a great distance from the cemetery or some may have trouble confronting the past. I feel like like I have done lot of good work and hope I have helped people. I don’t steal from children and I would be happy to dance around an urn if that was the case. Thanks for not bashing my work and have a nice day.

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