One homeless man's war against Naperville officials

While I know the suburban territory is best left for other trueslanters like  Hilary Shenfeld and Marjie Killeen I couldn’t pass this up:

The Naperville City Council’s 6-1 vote last week to ban sleeping, camping and storing personal property on streets and sidewalks in the city’s downtown was aimed squarely at Huber, whose installation under a large umbrella includes a rickshaw, a generator and a laptop computer from which he blogs.

via Naperville’s downtown camper at odds with new ban —

Huber has been living on the streets for 8 years, and an earlier Tribune article mentions “he took to the streets in protest” over what he believes was tampering of his mail while he stayed at the local YMCA. It’s been 8 years, and he hasn’t received his  justice so I am going to assume  he’s protesting against “the man”. His history of arrests (over petty things like trespassing and jaywalking) and trouble with a pastor confirm this theory of mine. Keep fighting the good fight, Huber, whatever that may be!


2 Comments on “One homeless man's war against Naperville officials”

  1. Marjie Killeen says:

    Fruzsina, I welcome your stories and commentary about the suburbs, and this one didn’t hit my radar. I sure liked Huber’s “First Amendment” pumpkin. Very seasonal and symbolic of um, I’m not sure what.

  2. Hilary Shenfeld says:

    Yes, jump in anytime!

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