Are you ready for a transgender revolution?

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Neo-cons beware! The homosexuals are coming for you where you pee! First there was Isis, the America’s Next Top Model contestant, then last month Lady Gaga flashed what appeared to be a penis on stage, and now this, a toilet revolution.

Genderqueer Chicago is asking the Chicago masses to use the wrong restroom tomorrow, in a show of solidarity for the transgender community.

Everyday, gender-alternative people are questioned, berated, mocked, glared at, and barred from public restrooms because someone’s perception of their gender doesn’t match up with the “shirt” and “suit” pictures on gendered bathrooms. Bathrooms should be safe for everyone, no matter their gender identity and presentation.

via Genderqueer Chicago: What’s this about Toilet Revolution?.

While I am opposed to any sort of discrimination (my pet peeve being discrimination based on gender),  I am hesitant over this mini-protest. The website stresses safety in numbers (“go with a buddy”), but I can’t help thinking of the unintended consequences of scaring old women while they pee.  Or maybe this is the idea, to make people feel as uncomfortable as the transgendered when they try to use a public bathroom?  The bemusement that would accompany walking into a men’s restroom and having a conversation with a man holding his dick is tempting, but I wouldn’t know which I was challenging more: traditonal gender roles or a person’s belief in bathroom privacy?

I say a push for unisex restrooms is the ideal – remember Ally McBeal?

5 Comments on “Are you ready for a transgender revolution?”

  1. Michael Roston says:

    Wow, so tomorrow is the Jewish new year, the end of Ramadan, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, AND the starting flush of the gender revolution. What a country!

  2. Caitlin Kelly says:

    I can assure you if I found a guy in the ladies’ room you’d hear more than a pirate’s ARRRRRRR.
    You don’t have to be an “old” woman to not want a bunch of guys in your bathroom.

    There’s PC action and there’s plain old BS.

  3. I pee in men’s washrooms all the time, and no one ever says anything…maybe a few raised eyebrows. Women’s washrooms have such long lines! Who knew, all this time, I was activisting?

  4. Caitlin Kelly says:

    I’ve done it too, but I’d die of embarrassment if I came out of a stall and found some poor guy at a urinal.

  5. Neal Ungerleider says:

    So this is like a bathroom flash mob?

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